Worship Mosaic: Remember

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"Enough"by Hannah Garrityinspired by  Exodus 16:1-1 8(Manna in the desert)digital painting 

Today, we strive to remember. Remember that we are called to move from an identity of burden to one of freedom. Remember even in moments of desperation and trial, we are gifted with God’s provision — of the feast of enough, and the holy meal of remembrance.

Welcome to Worship Mosaic – a unique online space designed for personalized worship experiences. Here, we deconstruct the traditional worship service into its individual elements, allowing you to engage with each aspect on your own terms and schedule.

How to Engage with Worship Mosaic:

  • Explore the Elements
  • Personalize Your Worship: Engage with any element individually, allowing you to focus on what resonates most with you in the moment. Dive into a sermon on your morning commute, participate in a prayer session during a quiet moment, or sing along to worship songs whenever you feel inspired.
  • Create Your Journey: Mix and match different elements to create a worship experience that is uniquely yours.
  • Questions & Feedback: If you have any questions or have a feature request, you can text us at 833-912-0460. We’ll get back to you asap.

The pastoral staff at Engage: A Church Movement helps assemble this space. If you have any questions, you can contact a pastor at engagesouthkc@gmail.com or text 833-912-0460.

Have a prayer request? Text in your request to 833-912-0460.

You can join the conversation online through the Engage Discord… click here.

Flourishing: Intersections is inspired by 1 Thess. 1:3 to see all people living by faith, laboring in love and enduring through hope in Jesus. This is more than surviving – it’s thriving and flourishing. We’ve used Barna Research Group’s five areas of flourishing to organize resources that we believe will help you flourish and, in turn, live inspired by Jesus, impacting our city and the world. Go here for a clickable version of our resource list.

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