• Matthew 10: Bible Experience

    In Matthew 10, Jesus empowers his disciples with extraordinary abilities, sending them on a mission that challenges their faith and transforms their lives in unexpected ways. What's the invitation for us?…

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  • Ditch the Armor

    I see why people would think armoring up would in some way protect them from getting hurt. 
    But, what I’ve found is that in the end, I end up getting hurt more. So, let's ditch the armor.…

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  • Matthew 9: Bible Experience

    Matthew 9 is a rollercoaster of incredible stories where Jesus heals the sick, forgives sins and throws a dinner party with unexpected guests. …

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  • The Deconstructed Church: Agents of Peace

    While our inclination might be to retreat in the face of the unknown, may we instead be brave agents of peace, who are also fostering a generation dedicated to building bridges and promoting understanding.…

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