The Deconstructed Church – Hard Pressed, Not Crushed

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San Ildefonoso terrace jar,c. 1860-1920 Unknown maker, San Ildefonso Clay and paint, 13½ x 12½ in. (34.3 x 31.8 cm) Vilcek Foundation Collection.

Our  lives are fragile, like jars of clay. Yet, they hold an extraordinary treasure, the Holy Spirit, that empowers us to endure life’s greatest challenges with hope and courage.

Welcome to church!

“Church?” you may be asking yourself. Yes. Church. Traditionally, “church” was a building. But, we live in a digital age where many of us don’t even go to a building for work anymore, let alone for church. So, this digital space is not just standing in for church, we’re declaring this little bit of the internet as sacred space for you and anyone else who might be seeking the sacred.

Whether you missed church on Sunday, you’ve never stepped into a church or perhaps you’ve been burned in a church, come on in. Maybe you’re deconstructing or reconstructing your faith. Maybe you just need a little time spent on sacred things. You’re welcome here. This church is yours.

Engage. Explore. Meditate. Breathe in all that God has for you.  Read, watch, listen and learn from each element in your own order and your own pace. We believe the Early Church had it right. “Church” really is God’s people coming together to learn about living (and as a result living) a life of love for God and people. Thanks for gathering with us.

The pastoral staff at Engage: A Church Movement helps assemble this space. If you have any questions, you can contact a pastor at or text 833-912-0460.

Have a prayer request? Text in your request to 833-912-0460.

You can join the conversation online through the Engage Discord… click here.

Flourishing: Intersections is inspired by 1 Thess. 1:3 to see all people living by faith, laboring in love and enduring through hope in Jesus. This is more than surviving – it’s thriving and flourishing. We’ve used Barna Research Group’s five areas of flourishing to organize resources that we believe will help you flourish and, in turn, live inspired by Jesus, impacting our city and the world. Go here for a clickable version of our resource list.

This is your Intersection...

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