Brewing Up A Longtime Dream: Fika Coffee KC

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“Fika” is a Swedish tradition of slowing down for coffee and a sweet treat, an invitation to appreciate the little moments and connect with those around us.

But for Rachel Larson, Fika represents more than a cherished custom from her family’s culture, it’s the culmination of years of dreaming.

This year, Larson announced the launch of Fika Coffee KC.

Fika will open as a mobile coffee cart with the goal of eventually adding a brick-and-mortar location.

Larson, who majored in Hospitality and Tourism Management with a minor in Entrepreneurship, has worked around the world in the hospitality industry. But, she always wanted to open up her own coffee shop.

“I spent many years praying over this dream and trying to find the ‘right time’ to start,” she said. “I wanted to ensure it was on God’s time and not mine. Honestly, I felt like I wasn’t hearing much from God regarding this dream for a long time. But in January, I started feeling the pull to make my dream a reality.”

She sees the work she is putting into Fika now and will continue to pour into it in the future as a labor in love (1 Thessalonians 1:3).

“When you work in the hospitality industry you are constantly giving yourself to others,” Larson said. “There is a level of intimacy that is created between co-workers and customers that is unmatched.”

Throughout this season of taking a leap and going after her dreams, Larson has seen God at work.

“The Lord has constantly reminded me through this process that he delights in our dreams and passions. He wants us to succeed and is cheering us on.”

Larson plans to have her coffee cart up and running for events by the end of the year. Watch her social media pages for updates.

In the meantime, she has lots of details to attend to.

“I am currently working on creating my website and focusing on building partnerships with local businesses, farmers’ markets, etc. I’m in the process of booking events for 2023.”




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