Wandering With Peter

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Throughout the season of Lent, which are the weeks leading up to Easter when we recognize how much we really need Jesus, we’re going on a journey through the life of Peter, one of Jesus’s most famous disciples. We’re calling the series/soul-searching adventure Wandering Heart. As we delve into Peter’s imperfect and relatable life story, we’ll discover valuable insights about what it means to follow Jesus and the beauty of wandering and exploration in our faith.

Peter’s Journey

Peter’s journey is a captivating one, filled with ups and downs, steadfastness and moments of doubt. He is a relatable character, reminding us that our own journeys are often imperfect and messy. Peter transforms from a friend to a betrayer, a devoted follower to someone who wanders.

It is crucial to note that wandering and exploration do not mean we are distant from God. On the contrary, there can be a steadfast pursuit of God even in the midst of uncertainty. Peter’s story teaches us that we can encounter God and grow closer to him even when we feel lost.

Jesus Seeking Peter

In Luke 5:1-11, we witness a powerful encounter between Jesus and Peter. Jesus seeks out Peter and calls him to follow him. The scene unfolds by the lake of Gennesaret, where Peter and other fishermen were washing their nets after a long night of unsuccessful fishing.

Jesus steps into Peter’s boat and teaches the people from there. After finishing speaking, Jesus instructs Peter to put out into deep waters and let down the nets for a catch. Initially, Peter is hesitant, expressing his exhaustion from a night of fruitless work. However, he trusts Jesus and obeys his command.

What happens next is nothing short of miraculous – Peter and his companions catch an overwhelming number of fish, and their nets begin to break. They call for help, and two boats are filled to the point of sinking. In that moment, Peter realizes the power and presence of Jesus, falling to his knees and declaring his unworthiness.

Physical, Spiritual and Career Reflections

As we reflect on Peter’s encounter with Jesus, we can examine it through three lenses: Physical health, spiritual health and career. Peter’s physical exhaustion from a night of fishing is evident in his initial hesitation to follow Jesus’s instructions. We can relate to moments of burnout and weariness in our own lives.

Spiritually, Peter’s response reveals his sense of unworthiness and uncertainty. Despite witnessing Jesus’s previous miracles, Peter questions whether he deserves the gift of abundance. Many of us can identify with these feelings of inadequacy and fear when faced with God’s blessings.

From a career perspective, Peter’s decision to leave everything behind and follow Jesus raises practical concerns. As a fisherman and entrepreneur, his livelihood is at stake. Peter must grapple with the aftermath of the miraculous catch, considering the logistical challenges and uncertainties that lie ahead. This decision requires immense trust and a willingness to let go of the familiar.

Relating to Peter’s Journey

Peter’s journey resonates with us in various ways. We may find ourselves grappling with physical exhaustion, spiritual doubts or career decisions that require significant risk. Just like Peter, we may question whether we are worthy of God’s blessings or fear the unknown that accompanies a new calling.

For example, imagine being in a scenario where you are on the verge of giving up, but at the last moment, an unexpected surge of success occurs. Would you be willing to embrace the abundance and follow Jesus, even if it meant leaving behind responsibilities and facing uncertainties?

Peter’s story reminds us that stepping into a new calling often involves navigating through questions, doubts and emotions. It requires trust in God’s plan and a willingness to let go of what is comfortable and familiar.


As we embark on this series exploring Peter’s journey, we encourage you to reflect on your own life and how it intersects with Peter’s story. How do you identify with Peter’s struggles and doubts? How do you perceive Jesus seeking after you and inviting you to something greater?

Remember that wandering and exploration can lead to profound growth and a closer relationship with God. Embrace the imperfect and messy aspects of your journey, just as Peter did, and open your heart to what you might learn about Jesus and yourself along the way.

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