Take A Step Toward Unity

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Take a step toward racial reconciliation and unity on July 9 at Unite KC’s second annual Walk for Unity.

This year’s theme, Next Steps Together, builds on the momentum started during last year’s inaugural walk, uniting the City to take a stand against racial division.

“This annual walk is a tangible way for us to fight the evil of racism with good by physically coming together, meeting new people and working to develop new relationships and understanding among people who look different than we do,” said Ray Jarrett, Unite KC Executive Director.

Troost Avenue was chosen because of its historical significance in KC.

“It was traditionally a racial and economic dividing line,” Jarrett said. “Now, rather than a line of division, we are reclaiming this ground for unity as we take next steps together as one city and people.”
The walk is open to all ages. Strollers welcome.

Participants will gather and walk with new friends, finding common interests and learning about one another along the route. Once at the Kansas City MLB Urban Youth Academy, walkers will be invited to play games, enjoy local foods and further develop these new connections, even beyond the day of the Walk.

Date:   Saturday, July 9

Time:  Participants should arrive at 8:30 a.m. The Walk for Unity begins at 9 a.m.

Where: The Walk for Unity will begin at the field at Troost Ave. and E. Truman Road, and end at the Kansas City MLB Urban Youth Academy

Activities: Walk, Games and Food (at the end of the walk)


Unite KC focuses on taking action that prompts heart transformation, builds community and ultimately leads to racial reconciliation.

Unite KC was founded in 2020. To learn more, visit www.unitekc.org.

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