The Songbird Three


The Songbird Three is a book created from and for the imagination of a child. It’s about three birds. It’s about a garden. It’s about a tree and a nest with a place for you and me. It’s about the song the songbirds sing, together and as one.

The Songbird Three was inspired by three things. First and foremost, the poem of a little girl (the author’s mother) when she was in third grade. That poem stayed tucked away in the author’s journal until many years later when it became this book. Second, was the somewhat crazy idea that maybe the best place for the mysterious Christian doctrine of the Trinity, that’s been thought about and fought over for years, was in the imagination of a child. The third inspiration for this book was ancient depictions of the Holy Trinity by artists who would intentionally leave a space for the viewer to enter in. Sometimes a mirror, so that the viewer could see themselves sitting/standing/dancing with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


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