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This holiday season, stir up light with the new children’s book, “You Are Made of Stars.”

“You Are Made of Stars” was written and illustrated by Kansas City-based artist Sasha Reid.

This beautiful book will inspire all readers to believe in themselves, teaching and showing that our differences are what make us unique and wonderful, too!

Sasha has enjoyed making art for as long as she can remember. Drawing and writing has always been her favorite way of expressing herself.

“You Are Made of Stars” is her first book. It was published, in collaboration with Kansas Academy of Theatrical Arts (KATA) with the support of the Francis Family Foundation, as Sasha began her first year at the Kansas City Art Institute.

Sasha has a passion for inclusivity and a habit of encouraging people. This book emphasizes her passion and her habits.

Just in time for the holidays, KATA is offering copies of this special book to those who make a donation of $35 to support theater in KCK.

To make a donation and get your copy of “You Are Made of Stars,” visit

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