Mark 8: Bible Reading Experience

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3-hour Sculpture, Sculptural installation by Søren Dahlgaard (born 1973), Executed in 2006, 100 kg lump of dough with extra yeast in aquarium, Series of 3 photographs. © Søren Dahlgaard artist

Scripture is not only full of interesting stories about other people’s lives, it is a way that God talks to us and leads us in our own lives. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about starting a Bible reading rhythm. Well, this is the sign you’ve been looking for.

A beautiful way to come to a fuller understanding of scripture is it to read it in community. Want to give it a shot?

Each week, we’ll post a new Genially room for you to explore. It will have one chapter of Mark to read, videos, artwork and more to explore. Once you’ve looked around, leave a comment with something that interested you, surprised you or questions that came up.

Have something you’d like to process? You can contact a pastor at Engage South KC at

Happy exploring!

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