The Story of Peter: Finding Confidence in Your Calling

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A Life-Changing Encounter

In John 21:1-19, we find the story of Jesus appearing to his disciples by the Sea of Galilee. This encounter would prove to be a pivotal moment for one disciple in particular – Simon Peter. Alongside other disciples, including Thomas, Nathaniel and the sons of Zebedee, Peter was out fishing when Jesus approached them on the shore. Unbeknownst to them, it was Jesus standing before them.

A Miraculous Catch

Jesus called out to his friends, asking if they had caught any fish. They replied with disappointment, having caught nothing. Jesus then instructed them to cast their net on the right side of the boat. To their astonishment, the disciples found themselves struggling to haul in an abundance of fish. The disciple whom Jesus loved recognized the miraculous catch and proclaimed, “It is the Lord!”

Peter’s Reaction and Jesus’ Message

Upon hearing that it was Jesus, Peter immediately jumped into the water, leaving the boat behind, and swam towards his beloved teacher. The other disciples followed, towing the net filled with fish. When they reached the shore, they found Jesus waiting for them with a fire of burning coals and food. Jesus invited them to bring some of the fish they had caught, and Peter eagerly climbed back into the boat to retrieve the net, which was overflowing with large fish.

While sharing a meal together, Jesus spoke directly to Peter. He asked him three times, “Simon son of John, do you love me?” Each time, Peter affirmed his love for Jesus. Jesus responded by instructing Peter to feed his lambs and take care of his sheep. This conversation carried great significance, as it addressed Peter’s self-doubt and reaffirmed his calling to share the love of Jesus with others.

The Journey to Preaching

For many individuals, discovering their true calling can be a challenging journey. In my case, preaching was a path that seemed unlikely. Growing up with a preacher for a father, the idea of becoming a preacher themselves never crossed my mind. However, life had other plans. As a storyteller at a youth event, I caught the attention of pastors and began receiving speaking requests. Initially feeling ill-equipped, I turned down many opportunities until a mentor encouraged me to give it a try.

The Struggle of Self-Doubt

Feeling inadequate, my struggle with mental illness exacerbated their self-doubt. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and anxiety filled the gap of feeling ill-equipped, leading me to overprepare. My sermon preparation became elaborate, resembling Hollywood scripts with detailed stage directions. Months were spent memorizing every word, gesture, and facial expression. My perfectionism became a hindrance, and I realized I needed to find a balance between preparation and relying on the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

A Lesson in Imperfection

While preparing for a speaking engagement in Oklahoma, my overprep took a toll. My car broke down, leaving me stranded on the side of the road. Despite the setback, I managed to make it to the camp just in time for the service. Covered in sweat and feeling unprepared, I stepped onto the stage, deviating from my scripted sermon. Instead, I spoke from the heart, stumbling over words and getting lost at times. To my surprise, the message resonated with the audience, teaching them the value of authenticity and relying on what is already within.

Embracing Our Calling

Returning to the story of Peter, we can’t help but wonder why he went back to fishing after everything he experienced with Jesus. Peter had witnessed firsthand the miracles and teachings of Jesus, yet he still doubted his own capability. It is in this context that Jesus approached Peter and engaged in a transformative conversation.

Confronting Self-Doubt

Jesus took Peter aside and asked him three times, “Do you love me?” Peter, still wrestling with his past denial of Jesus, affirmed his love each time. Through this dialogue, Jesus addressed Peter’s self-doubt head-on, assuring him that his love for Jesus and his personal story were more than enough to fulfill his calling. Peter didn’t need to be someone else or possess extraordinary abilities; he simply needed to embrace his own unique journey.

You Are Enough

This message holds relevance for all of us. In a world that often tells us we need to be more or different, Jesus reminds us that we are enough. Each day, as we wake up, we are perfectly equipped to fulfill our purpose. Our love, our story and our experiences can lead others to encounter the love of Jesus. We must believe in our own worthiness and live with confidence, knowing that God has already provided us with everything we need.

A Call to Action

If you find yourself in a state of transition or feeling unsettled about your calling, take heart. Remember that you are enough. Embrace the unique story and gifts that God has given you. Rather than striving to be someone else, focus on being the best version of yourself. By living authentically, you can impact those around you and lead them to encounter the love and grace of Jesus.


Just as Peter discovered his true calling through his encounter with Jesus, we too can find confidence in our own unique journeys. Jesus sees past our self-doubt and affirms that we are enough. It is through embracing our love, our stories and our experiences that we can fulfill our calling and make a difference in the world. So, let us step forward with confidence, knowing that we are perfectly equipped to fulfill the purpose that God has placed within us.

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