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86 Street Wood Design was born in 2020 before COVID came and changed the world.

But the changing world didn’t deter artist/craftsman Robert Larson from going after this dream that God had put on his heart a few years earlier.

“I was inspired to keep going even when COVID hit because if God had been leading me for so long to this, I knew that I should at least give this a fair shot … even with the complexities that COVID brought.”

The result is art, furniture and relationships that withstand the test of time.

In 1 Thessalonians 1:3, the Apostle Paul talks about the Thessalonians laboring in love. Robert has taken inspiration from that passage.

“Pretty much every aspect of creating furniture is a labor of love,” he said. “I put a great deal of care and detail into my pieces out of my respect and love for the materials. Also, as a way to show love to my customers.”

He wants his customers to see his care for them through carefully thought-out details and quality that will allow that piece to be around for a very long time.

“Furniture can have a major impact on how we feel in our spaces and I create my furniture with love, care and thoughtfulness for people to feel the best that they can through the furniture that I make for them.”

Launching and running a small business in a pandemic has had its fair share of ups and downs for Robert. There are moments when he feels close to God and filled with gratitude and others when he’s frustrated.

“In these moments of questioning, God has reminded me that my vision for my business is not always in line with His,” Robert said. “I have been learning to lean into Him and trust Him more when things don’t go the way I want them to. The cool part is that whenever I reset and lean back into him, He shows up and a sale will come in or I will meet people with opportunities or find a new inspiration.”

Throughout it all, Robert is learning how to let God guide.

“Our relationship has been stretched and challenged and I know that He does show up for me, it’s just not always in my timing.”

Just as Robert’s relationship with God is growing, his business is expanding. This Spring, he launched his Greenwood Collection, which incorporates real moss into furniture.

“I love the connection with nature in these pieces and I am excited to grow the collection!”

The Moss Coffee Table has become his favorite piece of furniture.

In terms of his wood art, his Kauffman Center pieces are his favorites.

“They represent my background in music and construction and I enjoy the process of making them.”

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