The Deconstructed Church: Create Space for Wonder

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Spectrum, Photograph by Dylan Arnold, Photographed in 2017, Taken with Canon EOS 6D, 24-105mm, 20secs at f/11, ISO 100, © Dylan Arnold Photography

Welcome to church!

“Church?” you may be asking yourself. Yes. Church. Traditionally, “church” was a building. But, we live in a digital age where many of us don’t even go to a building for work anymore, let alone for church. So, this digital space is not just standing in for church, we’re declaring this little bit of the internet as sacred space for you and anyone else who might be seeking the sacred.

Whether you missed church on Sunday, you’ve never stepped into a church or perhaps you’ve been burned in a church, come on in. You’re welcome here. This church is yours.

Engage. Explore. Meditate. Breathe in all that God has for you.  Read, watch, listen and learn from each element in your own order and your own pace. We believe the Early Church had it right. “Church” really is God’s people coming together to learn about living (and as a result living) a life of love for God and people. Thanks for gathering with us.

The pastoral staff at Engage South KC helps assemble this space. If you have any questions, you can contact a pastor at  

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